Strategic Planning

As a leader in the industry, we partner with companies to help them lay a firm foundation through strategic planning and assessment for effective marketing.

Customer Experience

In order to meet the needs of your buyers, a thorough understanding of their journey is required. The future of your brand depends largely on customer experience analytics which includes research, collection, and analysis of user data. There are several tools out there that simplify the complex task of creating a buyer’s journey.

However, we believe that matters of such importance need the brilliance of human thinking as well.

Our know-how and use of cutting-edge technology allows us to delve into customer data and behaviors, so that you can deliver delightful customer experience time and again.

Consumer Insights + Trends

If you are making business decisions based on intuition instead of customer data and insights, you are in deep trouble. Now that you are reading this you have come to the right place to get the help you need. Data is definitely the new science, and you can leverage your business with it. The insights collected from search engines, social media, and consumer reviews can be used to proactively engage with users. 

Thanks to our brand strategy experts, we are able to provide the best of both worlds, fast and reliable metrics through automated tools and personalized human insights from our experienced marketing team.

Product + Service Vision

Without a product vision, you will be wandering through an unfamiliar territory that can be quiet dangerous.

Now imagine you have a product management team that develops your product vision by aligning your brand story, and at the same time offer solutions to the customer pain-points. The end result, a successful product that elevates the customer experience.

There is no perfect format for a product vision, but we can help you formulate a compelling and strong product vision that will shape your product’s success. 

Go-To-Market Planning

By following a set of proven processes and systems to develop your Go-To-Marketing strategy, we ensure that your product’s entry into the market will be a true success (worthy of a drum-roll). This detailed GTM strategy usually includes a business plan, sales strategy, marketing problems, and factors that impact the launch of your new product into the market. We cover core components such as

  • Marketing definition
  • Customer experience strategy
  • Customer pain points and solutions
  • Distribution model
  • Product Messaging

This detailed GTM strategy usually includes a business plan, sales strategy, marketing problems, and factors that impact the launch of your new product into the market. 

Data Science + Analytics

Data science and analytics are nothing if you don’t know how to use it to your benefit. Our big data team can certainly help with this challenge. Today, a lot more companies are unlocking the power of big data, and we have helped businesses of all sizes benefit from data science.

Apply data science to your business to validate decisions, identify trends, increase efficiency, recruit talents, and select the right audience.

Market Research / Analysis

It goes without saying that market research is absolutely necessary to make good business decisions. At LET’S DRAFT we work with our clients to gather insights, identify gaps in customer expectation, and assess the market. Conducting market research ahead of your competitors gives you an upper hand and with us at your side, you will always have that advantage.

Take your business to new heights by investing in experienced market research professionals like us. 

Product Launch Strategy

Building buzz for your product launch can be really overwhelming for businesses that have a lot on their plate. With years of experience in this industry, we have mastered the act of delivering successful product launches so much so that we are able to provide an effective growth strategy as well.

From product development to gaining customer feedback, testing the launch to making necessary tweaks, we take care of your complete product launch needs.