Content Creation

Content marketing is a commitment, it is a long term relationship. Effective content marketing talks with the customers and bridges the gap between what brands produce and what customers really want. Content marketing has caught up slowly in the Middle East, but our experience suggests that it is here to stay. Content strategy creation, development, and delivery across different media require a set of skills and talents which we possess.

Content Strategy

Content doesn’t necessarily mean words it includes images, videos, and other multimedia developed to satisfy your business and marketing requirements. When we take over the process of planning, creation, development, and management of high-quality content for companies we make sure that the content becomes as powerful as the product or service. 

Want to take your content marketing strategy to the next level? Our content marketing team is here to develop and build content that goes viral and attracts quality traffic.

Art Direction

We see art direction as a way to solve issues in the digital sphere creatively and intelligently. From developing the concept, to commissioning professionals like designers and photographer, our creative team takes full responsibility of pre-production and post-production services for feature films, short videos, television, and digital advertisements. Through art direction we are able to strengthen your brand story and engage the audience in the most memorable way.

We have a dozen successful projects to our credit, with happy clients in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and other gulf countries. Working with a wide range of customers in industries like retail, banking, hospitality, fashion, manufacturing, and media has given us the edge over competitors. 

Social Media / Community Management

Social media management and community management are not the same, and they deserve to be handled differently with separate strategies, goals and resources. While the social media team involves in managing and delivering social media content across the digital channels, community management team communicates and engages with the audience.

Our powerhouse marketing team consists of strategists, content writers, community managers, analysts, and advertisers.They will fight the marketing battle for you. 


Visual story is the first thing your customer will notice about your brand and instantly feel connected with. Whether its blog, social media, Youtube or traditional marketing, the power of content visuals is undeniable. Having said that, the photos you publish should tell a story, create a conversation, and evoke emotion.

Elevate your brand identity to the next level with our professional photography services.

Video Production

People are consuming videos more than ever, and that is why so many brands are using videos in their visual marketing. Video production may sound expensive, but with the right agency, you can create, publish, and repurpose your video content cost-effectively. 

At LET’S DRAFT, we have created different types of videos including

  • Brand films
  • Vlogs
  • Video testimonials
  • Video ads for social media
  • Tutorials
  • Animated videos
  • Video Emails

360° Virtual tour

With 360° Virtual tour you are inviting your customers to step into spaces to give them a personalized experience of your services. Industries like resorts, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, real estate and even educational institutions are taking advantage of this amazing technology.

Prepare for a world that is getting more and more digital every day with our 360° Virtual tour production services.

3D / Motion Graphics

We love creating 3D / Motion Graphics for our clients, as they are a unique mix of sounds, stunning motions, and engaging graphics. They offer a passive experience to the viewers. Our passion has enabled us to create magical moments for both the clients and consumers. Utilizing the brilliance of 3D motion graphics we have delivered television ads, brand videos, tutorials, sales collateral, and marketing videos.

So what’s stopping you from taking advantage of motion graphics? We have packages to suit specific budget and needs.


We strive to produce well-crafted and beautiful content that is equally effective. Persuading your audience to take action with words can be a tricky business, however with proper research, analysis, and testing, copywriting can become a very powerful marketing tool. 

With a set of copywriting processes and practices in place, we make the copywriting experience pain-free for our clients from start to end. Our copywriters have worked with big brands on various projects.